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    • Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.
    • What troubles men are not the things, but rather the judgement.
    • Life is a miserable thing.
    • I have decided to spend my life thinking about it.
    • Trees that grow slow are stronger at the base.


Libraries are one of the most important testaments of our progress as human civilization. They collect stories of not only the factual evolution of history, but also record the progression of our internal thinking in the form of written articles, books, and forms of art.

In professional fields these libraries provide an opportunity to travel back in the womb of time to locate the genesis of critical ideas or theories, which often are only available to the present student in a highly transmuted forms.

Curiosity is an innate human instinct, and understanding satisfies us.  This need to understand constantly propels us to ‘The Beginnings.’ Even though in the modern era of technology we have unprecedented access to theories, ideas, and latest research; all-available on a flick of our finger, there is a new challenge of information overload. Keeping up with the current trends is so occupying that searching for the beginnings feels an over-indulgence.

Psychiatry, Psychotherapy/Psychoanalysis journals publish hundreds of new papers every month. Best not to even consider the contributing journals from general medicine, behavioural sciences, neurosciences, and social sciences, which may have significant impact on overall development of psychiatry/psychotherapy as a science about humans as bio-psycho-social animals.

This website is an attempt to re-establish links of contemporary thinking and practice of psychiatry and psychotherapy (also includes psychoanalysis and others forms of talking or behavioural therapy) to its classic origins and then gradually trace the development over the past century or two through published literature. A journey through ideas, developments, and personalities.

It will be a random process relying on the intellectual and professional stimulus from a routine clinical practice of a Forensic psychiatrist-psychotherapist and other like-minded psychiatrists. To keep it a sincere individual pursuit rather than a commercial enterprise, it will be in the form of study notes with a brief personal understanding of each important paper or book. Some full-text would be included where possible, or I will give active links to the papers freely available on the net. It will also have links to other “libraries” of interest, personal thoughts or reflections in the course of working in clinical psychiatry, and other influences as they shape psychiatric practice.

I am calling it “The Beginnings Project”.

By the given scope of this project it is likely to remain always a “work in progress”, and the only certain benefit will be to my development as a professional. However, I do hope that over the coming years it will also be a reference or starting point for my other colleagues who do share my curiosity for beginnings.

I also anticipate it to be a useful resource for psychiatry trainees, junior doctors, and other medical or non-medical people who are interested in understanding the inner workings of mind, mental illness, and psychological treatments. So lets begin.